About Habibat

Habibat is a unique partnership scheme between the Bat Conservation Trust, Ecosurv its partnership companies, and you the customer.

Our aim is to provide bat boxes that work for bats and buildings. A portion of the profits from bat box sales from these partnership companies will be reinvested into the Habibat scheme, with the long-term aim of improving bat roosting habitat using feedback from monitoring. 

The Habibat partnership has been designed to refine and guide bat box and access tile design, give Habibat customers advice on installation, and improve knowledge of bat box uptake through research and monitoring.

The Bat Conservation Trust will be working with Habibat customers to collect information on the use and installation and of our integrated bat boxes. We aim to establish a monitoring scheme to determine the factors for successful uptake and inform future designs and installation guidance.

Habibat is a design test bed for bat boxes 

For more information or questions about Habibat or the partnership please contact:


Charlotte Bell - Business Manager

Bat Conservation Trust 

Jo Ferguson - Built Environment Officer

For more information contact: 01642 724626