About Habibat

The first Habibat product was born out of a passion for wildlife and a necessity that arsoe for a complimentary architectural finish.

Habibat Designer Graham Jeffery has always had a keen interest in ecology and was working for a brick supplier back in 2008 when he was approached by an architect who felt that the bat boxes recommended through planning would spoil the finish of the design. Unfortunately there were only limited product options available on the market at the time. Graham along with Charlotte Bell, who had a background in Sales and Customer Services, recognised the requirement for suitable roost space that worked for bats and buildings. With Grahams trade experience, the concept was taking to the drawing board and a suitable home for bats, which could be integrated into the design of the building fabric was created. Initial samples of the bat boxes were then sent to Holland for testing, where it was confirmed that the unique V-system design which had been incorporated into the design, created better ventilation for bats.

In 2009 Habibat evolved into a unique partnership between the Bat Conservation Trust and EcoSurv Ltd, to provide UK-based sustainable solutions for bats in the built environment. Between them the Habibat Team has over 40 years experience in both the construction industry and ecological sector, to support wildlife habitats whilst helping our customers navigate planning and design requirements.

We understand that each design/specification is different so are committed to working with each client, in order to meet their requirements and continue to develop products to provide solutions for a variety of species. Our business base has grown from bats to beyond, and our exclusive range of products provide accommodation for various species, whilst being unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing in terms of the design build.