Habibat Double Chambered Rocket Box

Rocket box material: exterior plywood
Rocket box height: 80cm
Rocket box maximum chamber width: 27.3cm

Recommended to be mounted on a 2m steel post (of which 30cm is recommended to be sunk into concrete footing)

This Bespoke Habibat Double Chambered Rocket Box provides a large roosting area for bats and allows them to adjust to micro-climates within the roost site during the day by moving from one side of the box to another. The box is constructed from plywood and can be finished in a colour of your choice using water-based masonry paint or can be supplied in a plain finish or with the Bat motif. The double chambered rocket box is recommended for general mitigation purposes where a free-standing bat box is required.



BIM versions of the Habibat Double Chambered Rocket Box are available for download, to request these please contact us.

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