Making the most of your Habibat

Once you have your Habibat, the next thing is to set it up in the best location for optimum bat comfort and safety.

This page is a guide giving you advice on the right settings to encourage bats to roost, from nearby feeding grounds to the most preferable height to position your Habibat box.

Correct placement of Habibat products is fundamental to the successful uptake by the species.

With all integrated products we recommend that when installing, cavity wall ties are used at the head and base of the product and box should be laid on a full bed of mortar and all surrounding joints should be fully filled.  


Temperature is known to be the major factor influencing successful uptake of artificial roost by bats. In general, bats seek warm spaces to help them with rearing young. For this reason, Habibat should be located where it will receive the maximum amount of sunlight. In the northern hemisphere this will be the southerly aspects/orientation (south, south-west and south-east).


Position Habibat a minimum of 2 meters but preferably 5 to 7 meters above ground. Avoid placement above windows, doors and wall climbing plants, thereby reducing the likelihood of predation by cats. A position near the eaves or gable apex of the property would be preferable.

Landscape considerations

To make Habibat a potential roost for a wider range of bat species, it is helpful to consider whether there is nearby vegetation features such as hedges and treelines. This is because some bat species use these features for navigation between their roosting site and feeding ground and to avoid flying in open and exposed areas.


Bats and their roosts are legally protected from disturbance and damage. For this reason only a licenced bat worker should closely examine the Habibat to check for bat usage. However, anyone can check for signs of bat use. This includes the presence of bat droppings on the plinth and surrounding walls and the outflight of bats at dusk.

If you have any questions about installing your Habibat please contact the Bat Conservation Trust Helpline on: 0345 1300 228 The Bat Conservation Trust wants to assist with monitoring installed Habibats as a means to research what works for bats. To assist with this study please provide details of your Habibat in the form below: